Why Buy From Us?

We are passionately devoted to beautiful aromatic experiences that bring balance to your chakras and joy to your life! 

  • Handmade small batches of chakra balancing oils made with love and a keen eye to the perfect balance of aroma and effectiveness
  • In-depth expertise using chakra essential oils to benefit your life. We know the relationship between chakras and essential oils.
  • Fast, efficient, friendly service

  • All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff: all natural ingredients

  • The best of elegant and effective essential oil synergies to balance your chakras

Need a bit more convincing on why you should choose us as your partner in chakra balancing? 

Small Canadian Company

Said simply, we are a small Canadian company from Calgary that specializes in creating exquisite essential oil blends from the finest quality, pure essential oils for chakras. Our passion is healing from within, helping you create synergies for balancing the chakras.

Devotion to the Power of Pure Essential Chakra Oils

Our intentions behind this labour of love are multi-fold. At the core, we hold a profound and devoted love and respect for these precious liquid gems we call essential oils. The power these mysterious aromatics have to support and even transform all aspects of our human lives (and even our animal’s lives) is simply awesome. Essential oils work very effectively on all of our four bodies; our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body, and our spiritual body. They have been used for many thousands of years to treat physical ailments, emotional difficulties, mental challenges, and spiritual detachment.

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Own Health

Beyond the obvious benefits described above, essential oils provide us with potent support in creating self-reliance around our own healthcare. There is a movement underfoot for many, to move away from handing over decisions involving our own health, to medical doctors. There are many instances in which allopathic medicine offers incredibly important healthcare support. And, there are also many instances, especially in the case of chronic illness, where the medications or treatments we are prescribed from our doctor cause side effects worse than the symptoms of the illness. Sometimes there are simply no treatment options available for a particular health challenge. It is in instances like these where essential oils can be especially effective and empowering.

We Have What it Takes to Create the Best in Chakra Blends 

The range of what an essential oil company can provide, in terms of beneficial offerings, is vast. At Awaken Aromatics, we have chosen to focus on synergies to balance the chakras with oils and chakra spras. Essential oil synergies are especially effective as part of a holistic system to support the vibrancy of our chakras. In order to create highly effective chakra balancing synergies, six things are required.

First, a thorough knowledge of the olfactory system and its effect on the body's regulatory systems and mood functioning is required. Second, a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of specific essential oils must be in place. Third, there must be detailed knowledge of the human chakra system. Fourth, a study of the science of perfumery and an evolved skill in blending is essential. Fifth, in-depth experience with essential oils and chakras, in group and personal applications, supports the skill of the person crafting the synergies. And lastly, a real passion for both essential oils, and living a life of freedom from the inside out, will contribute to the energetic effectiveness and aromatic beauty of the blends!

Jony’s Experience Means You Can Relax and Be Taken Care Of

Awaken Aromatics evolved out of the depth of knowledge, skill, experience and love that our creator, Joni Tabbiner, brings to her craft. Joni has been a practicing aromatherapist for 20 years, a devoted women’s group facilitator, meditation teacher, personal coach, and inspirational role model for living a life of joy and freedom, for over a decade. Joni’s career has encompassed many years of teaching aromatherapy workshops, and using essential oils to support her group’s experiences and her one on one client journeys. Her passion for essential oils, along with truly healing at the deepest levels of our being, means our products, and the expertise we offer in essential oils and chakras, is the very best you can find.

Pure & Simple Ingredients

Our sprays and synergies are simple and pure. We only use four ingredients: pure and high-quality essential oils, golden jojoba oil, coconut-based emulsifier, and water. There are no additives or preservatives. Essential oils are incredibly resilient. Outside of citrus oils, they simply do not have a shelf life. Your lovely bottle of Lavender essential oil could be kept on the shelf for twenty years, and it will still smell gorgeous and be powerfully effective!


A word from Jony…

Bringing the Awaken Aromatics line of sprays and synergies into being has been a sweet journey of love and light, born out of the acknowledgement of shadow and suffering. Although no one enjoys suffering, it can foster an incredible devotion and willingness to find relief, healing, transformation, and joy. My own journey contains many years of struggle and trauma. It was through my desire to get free of my emotional and mental prisons, that I began to sit in women’s circles and, through the support of my sisters and my own devotion, I began to truly heal and live a much more joyful life. Over the past ten years, it has been my honour and delight to lead those same kind of women’s circles, to hold up a lantern of love for others who are struggling to remember their own light, and shine it into the world.

Essential oils and aromatherapy have played such a beautiful and graceful role in my own healing, it only made sense to offer them in my groups. It was during a workshop series entitled, Chakras: A Guide to Self Love,” that I ran with my beloved soul sister, Alice Hong, that the awaken Aromatics line of Chakra Balance Synergies, was born. From little 4 ml bottles with cheap Staples labels, to the sweet line of synergies and facial/body mists and the exquisite labels that wrap them, watching how this little line of love products has evolved into supporting so many, is another step along the way of my own healing, and the healing of so many others around me.

It is my dream to see these simple and beautiful synergies in the hands of anyone who needs soulful healing, from the inside out.

Thank you so much for visiting our website, and we would love to support you with any questions you may have around essential oils, chakras, and finding your way home to the beautiful brilliance that is YOU!

Warm hugs,