Key Words

Communication, Truth, Divine Guidance

Purpose: To Speak and be Heard

  • Do you speak your truth?
  • Are you a great listener?
  • Do you feel connected to divine guidance?
    The Throat Chakra circles the front and back of our throat, and encompasses our nose and ears. The most important aspect of what this chakra brings forth is truth: our ability to connect with it, speak it, hear it, and live it. We cannot be free if we are not in connection with our truth. The saying, "the truth will set you free,"is profoundly powerful and wise. We must also listen wisely in order to have a balanced Throat chakra. This involves hearing what is being spoken, without applying our own filters to that information. The Throat chakra is also where information is received from otherworldly beings, such as ones who have passed, angels, and spirit guides. 
    • Excessively talkative or quiet
    • Timid or fearful
    • Hiding and holding our truth
    • Indignant or self-righteous
    • Interrupting others
    • Making assumptions instead of asking questions
    • Disconnection with guiding wisdom outside of self
    • Ear, nose, and throat infections

    In Balance

    • Knows, speaks, and walks own truth
    • Confident and courageous
    • Present listener
    • A feeling of safety when interacting with self, others and the world
    • Well connected with divine guidance



    One of the most evolving and freeing actions we can take in our life is to begin sharing our truth. This takes courage! Use this fortifying and bracing blend to bring healing energy to your throat chakra, support you in sharing your truth, and encourage a connection with the Divine. 
    Herbaceous with a soft floral and woody undertone, fortifying, complex, balancing with a bright citrus highlight.
    • Lavender
    • Fragonia
    • Lime
    • Neroli Surs Fleurs
    • Cardamom

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