About us


Greetings friends!

Let us introduce ourselves, and give you some background on why we do what we do.

We are a small Canadian company that specializes in creating exquisite essential oil blends from the finest quality, pure essential oils for chakra balancing. 

All products are made at our small facility in Calgary AB. No mass production here, just small batches of products made with love, excellent quality and perfectly balanced aroma and effectiveness. We have in-depth knowledge about both essential oils and chakra balancing.

Awaken Aromatics evolved out of the depth of knowledge, skill, experience and love that our creator, Jony Tabbiner, brings to her craft. Jony has been a practicing aromatherapist for twenty years, a devoted women’s group facilitator, meditation teacher, personal coach, and inspirational role model for over a decade. Her career encompasses many years of teaching aromatherapy workshops and using essential oils to support her group’s experiences and her client's journeys. Her passion for essential oils, along with truly healing at the deepest levels of our being, means our products, and the expertise we offer in essential oils and chakras, is the very best you can find.

We also believe in giving back to our community and helping those that are struggling to realize their own light and potential. Jony has been leading healing circles at a local women’s rehabilitation center called Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women, for over eight years. The people that work there, and the women that live there, are incredibly heroic and deeply inspirational. Alcove relies on private donations to keep its doors open, so to that end we donate 2% of every product sale to Alcove.

So that’s a little about us, and now we’d love to hear more about you! Please feel free to email or call us with any questions about our products, chakras, and essential oils. When you're wondering where to buy essential oils that help balance chakras, we want the choice to be obvious. It would be our honour to connect with you!