Why Go With A Small-Batch Chakra Essential Oil Provider?

You might wonder why anyone would be so excited about creating and distributing chakra products made with essential oils. Well, to tell the truth, it’s our passion! We love essential oils and how they work to support chakra balancing, and we want many people to experience the life-changing effects from a skillfully made essential oil chakra spray or roll on.

As you may have noticed, essential oils are everywhere. Type “where to find essential oils” into a search engine and you will find many providers, both large and small. We’d like to suggest that you consider purchasing from a smaller merchant, and enjoy the benefits of a highly experienced team of reliable essential oils experts. Here are a few more reasons you might want to source your essential oil chakra balancing products from a boutique supplier.

You’re Getting Tested Pure Essential Oil Products

Trusting that your supplier is on top of the highest standards in quality control is a must when sourcing products that affect the energy centres.

Essential oils are lovely on their own, and aromatherapy can be calming for people even with no interest in the spiritual aspects of chakras. However many products toted as aromatherapy are simply perfumes. Sure, they may smell okay, but are they actually supporting your chakras?

Perfumes are not helpful in chakra balancing, and they are hard on our health. Best is quality, natural products that have been specially formulated to work with balancing your chakras. At Awaken Aromatics, we carefully, and with years of experience, create our beautiful blends by hand from highest quality, pure essential oils-NO synthetics here! We also test our products extensively with friends, colleagues, and the many women in our meditation circles, to ensure that they really work. We have spent years tweaking and perfecting our chakra balance blends, to ensure they smell amazing and do what they say they're going to do!

You Can Talk Directly To Us

Your essential oil supplier should have more information about essential oils than they do products to sell you! We are passionate about essential oils, and have been working with them for over twenty years. We love talking with our customers about the incredible power of aromatherapy, and how best to use our products. A large online retailer may be able to help you track your shipment, but they may not be able to provide personal resource support on which essential oils are best for you. All you have to do is email us at If you’d rather talk to us directly, here’s our toll-free number: 1-844-241-0114.

We’ve been recommending essential oils to people for a long time. When customers bring us a challenge there’s a good chance we’ve heard it before and can recommend exactly what will do the job. And we're here for you too!

You’re Supporting A Small Business In Canada

For some people, buying Canadian product whenever possible is at the top of their list when investigating a new product. You can feel good about supporting a small business and buying Canadian when you purchase our small-batch essential oils for chakras.

Sure, we’re in the business to be a business, and more important, we do what we love and we feel grateful that our products are going out into the world helping people. If you have any questions about chakra essential oil products, contact us via the email or phone number we mentioned above. Otherwise, find exactly what you’re looking for right here.