The Only Four Ingredients We Use In Our Chakra Aromatherapy Oil

Take a look at the ingredient list on most skin care products and you will see a baffling list of items you need to be a chemist to understand! Today’s consumers are beginning to demand simpler and healthier product ingredients, as they well should; many low cost ingredients allow for cheaper production costs while creating harmful side effects to our health.

Here at Awaken Aromatics, we take a simple and wholesome approach to our chakra aromatherapy products. Our essential oil sprays contain only four simple, natural ingredients, and our roll-ons contain only two, ensuring that you don’t get anything you don’t want, or even need!

Essential Oils

In a recent article we told you about what essential oils are: oils extracted from organic plant material. There are hundreds of plant materials from which essential oils are extracted, such as flowers, fruit peels, bark, wood, berries, and more.

Our products contain blends of essential oils, not just one single note. For instance, our root chakra oil contains essential oils of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Lavender, Frankincense, and Patchouli. Our crown chakra blend has been carefully formulated from Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot, Palmarosa, Benzoin and Rosewood.

Each blend of oils has been tested on many people for maximum enjoyment and chakra balancing effectiveness. If one of your chakras is out of balance is out of alignment, one of our blends is sure to help!

Golden Jojoba Oil

We use Jojoba oil in our roll-ons. Jojoba comes from a shrub native to northern Mexico and the southern United States. The plant produces seeds from which the oil is derived.

Jojoba oil works so well with essential oils because of its incredibly long shelf life. Most plant and vegetable oils will go rancid relatively quickly because of the triglycerides, but jojoba oil has because it contains almost no triglycerides thus has a very stable shelf life. This means that you’ll be able use your essentials oil roll-on a year from now without worrying about it going bad.


You might be curious to know why water is added to essential oils.

100% pure essential oils are (in most cases) too potent to be applied directly to the skin. They need to be out into some sort of base, and for the sprays, water is best. The ratio of essential oils to water is very important. We know what we’re doing: our sprays contain the perfect amount of essential oil for maximum aroma and effectiveness, while ensuring they are safe to the skin.

As you probably know, oil and water don’t mix. So how is oil diluted? That’s where the next ingredient comes in...

Coconut-Based Emulsifier

It’s true; oil and water don’t mix...unless you use an emulsifier. Emulsifiers bind to the essential oil molecules and distribute them throughout the water, so you never have to shake our sprays before usage! Otherwise the oils would float on the surface of the water, and would require a shake for disbursement.

We’re not interested in adding ingredients to our products that don’t need to be there, and that’s why we keep it simple. Find that perfect essential oil blend for your chakras right here.