How Often Should You Use Chakra Essential Oil Spray?

Everybody’s chakras fluctuate on a fairly consistent basis, yet usually there will be one or two that require the most balancing. You might feel grounded and secure, but still lack focus at a task. Chakra solar spray would be perfect for you, and you might use that spray every day. You might feel confident in yourself, even when under pressure, yet your heart may feel tender and uncertain. Chakra heart spray would be a “regular use” choice for you. Once you have tried one or two of our products, you will likely want the full set. Then the entire collection of chakra balance sprays and/or roll-ons is what you’ll be after.

Once you have our chakra balancing products, the question becomes: how often should the sprays and roll-ons be used? That’s what we’re going to focus on today, so let’s get to it!

In the Morning

Start your morning off right with your morning routines, and some essential oils for your chakras! Before dressing is a great time to use your chakra spray, because your whole body is available. It’s just a great way to start your day!

Spray on Your Schedule!

The time to use your chakra spray or roll-on depends on which chakra you’re working on. In the morning many people love the energizing and focusing blast of the solar chakra spray. Have a big meeting or an important presentation? Going for an interview? Grab your Throat chakra spray and breath it in deeply. Looking to unwind and balance out in the evening? Try our Balance spray. Check our website for detailed information on each chakra and what it looks like when it’s out of balance.

When You Need A Boost

Our chakras can move from balance to imbalance during the course of a day. Carry the spray or roll-on with you, and re-apply to keep on top of balancing that chakra. The roll-ons offer a more personal method to use the products. The concentration of essential oils is higher, so the aroma will be more intense for you, yet gentler on others in the vicinity. The sprays have the advantage of a beautiful fine mist that refreshes and cleanses your energy field as well as you!

When The Room Needs A Little Something

The sprays are also useful for changing the energy and the feel in a room, or simply to make your home (or your hotel room, or your car, etc) smell fantastic! Essential oils don’t just scent the air, they purify it. Wonderful for spraying into your meditation space before you sit; try Meditation Mist or Intuitive Eye Chakra Spray for this.

The essential oil products we sell at Awaken Aromatics have been formulated to help support you in your busy and sometimes stressful life, so be sure to always have a few of your favorites with so that you can positively respond to anything the day throws at you!