Beyond Belief: How Aromatherapy Benefits us Body and Soul

At Awaken Aromatics, our goal is to help as many people as possible to be empowered around their health and well-being. Our chakra essential oil blends are created to support chakra balance so we can all enjoy our lives to their potential. Many people have tried our chakra sprays and roll-ons for over four years now. Many tweaks were accomplished until the products stand as effective and beautiful chakra balancing products. We receive our greatest joy and honour by knowing that many people who use our products recommend them to their loved ones.

How is it that even those who have limited to no knowledge about chakras receive benefit and pleasure from our products? Let’s take a look at why essential oils work so well, even for those who may doubt their effectiveness.

The Science Behind Aromatherapy

The sense of smell is processed through the limbic system; the same area of the brain that processes our basic drives (thirst, hunger, need for sleep, etc) our automatic regulation systems (breath rate, heart rate, blood pressure, etc) and our most basic emotions (sadness, joy, anger, etc). Many scientific studies are now showing how an aroma can regulate our body systems, balance our basic drives, and change our mood.

Using Essential Oils Is Self Care

When you regularly use essential oils, you’re actively participating in self-care. Making our self a priority in this way benefits our whole being. Think of the times you have made a healthy decision over instant gratification. There is a feeling of well being that follows. When you take a few moments to inhale a beautiful essential oil blend that supports all of you, you send a signal to your brain that “it’s going to be okay, we’ve got this.” (Even better, use our root chakra spray that works as an anti-anxiety boost.)

Chakras Benefits From Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to balance out our emotions and support our energy as human beings. A blend that is carefully created by a professional who is highly knowledgeable about what essential oils best support a particular chakra can have a powerful effect on that chakra. And beyond this, everyone loves wonderful smells! So if you have a friend who is suffering, and doesn’t know much about chakras, she can still very much benefit from the loving gift of a spray or roll-on to show you care and to support her sense of well-being.

We invite you to try our lovingly crafted chakra balance products and find out for yourself why so many people use and love them. Simply click this link to discover more about the chakras and how our essential oil products can support you to a happier, more peaceful and balanced you.