Chakra Essential Oil Sprays vs. Roll Ons: Which One Is For You?

Chakra Essential Oil Sprays vs. Roll Ons: Which One Is For You?

When you take a look at our site, you’ll notice that every one of our products comes in one of two forms: essential oil sprays and roll ons. If you’re new to the world of chakra oils, you might wonder which is better for you. Should you pick one that comes in a spray bottle or one that is applied directly to your skin?

It’s a good question, and we’re more than happy to let you know about the advantages of each. Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll know which of the chakra oil application methods is better for you.

Advantages of Chakra Oil Sprays

There’s more of it - While it’s not quite as concentrated as the roll on, you’ll get more of the chakra oil with a spray than with a roll on. Our essential oil spray comes in 80 ml bottles.

You can cover a larger area - If you’re interested in covering a larger area of your body with chakra scents, spraying is a much faster way to do so.

You can spray your hair - A quick spritz on your hair can keep the scent with you all day long. It’s not easy to use a roll on for your hair!

You can enjoy it in the air - Chakra oil sprays will dissipate into the air quickly and easily.

Are there any disadvantages? - We don’t advise spraying our essential oil sprays directly onto furniture, because it could damage it or transfer to people’s clothing. However, we certainly wouldn’t begrudge you spritzing some sacral chakra oil on your bedsheets to improve the sexual energy in the room!

Advantages of Chakra Roll Ons

More compact - At just 10 ml, the roll on is much easier to carry around in a pocket or purse so that you can always have it with you to reapply throughout the day.

Direct Application - A roll on will allow you to apply the chakra oil to more focused areas of your body. This is especially nice if you’re applying it anywhere near your eyes or mouth.

More Discrete - A mist covers a larger part of your body and can be experienced by more people. In some situations this is a good thing, but in close office quarters it’s often best to keep the scent to yourself. Applying a tiny amount of chakra balancing oil to your philtrum (the crease beneath your nose) is easy with a roll on so that you can enjoy the scent discreetly.

Are there any disadvantages? - It can be harder to cover a large area of your body than if you use the spray.

Advantages of Both

  • We have chakra balancing oils for all seven chakras, so no matter which one is blocked we can offer you what you need.
  • Both types of application, at 10 ml and 80 ml, are small enough to be put in your carry on luggage of a plane.

Once you decide on the essential oil that helps with your chakra balancing, we wouldn’t be surprised if you return to buy both the spray and the roll on! After all, you’ll always find a way to use each when you see how much chakra balancing oils can help. Find that perfect chakra spray or roll on here.