Welcome Our Chakra Oils!

A Happy, Healthy Baby is Born!

Well here we are, after countless labours of love, with our much anticipated launch of the rebranded and expanded Awaken Aromatics line of products! We are very excited to bring you our new store, new products, and fun opportunities to get your hands on some gorgeous stuff!

I’m amazed when I take in all that has happened to get this little, mighty line to where it is now. It all started twenty years ago, when I met one of the most influential mentors and best friends of my life, Rae Dunphy. I attended an aromatherapy workshop she lead in Kelowna, B.C. Her passion for essential oils was inspiring! I ordered an aromatherapy training kit. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, falling in love with the beauty and power of these liquid, living gems, as I opened vial after tiny vial, exploring the intense aromas and studying about their phenomenal abilities to fight infection, improve mood, support health, and connect us with our spiritual essence. 

My love affair with essential oils never abated. I have used them in my life and in my groups, ever since. They’re in every corner of my house, on every alter in the gatherings I create. I use them in client sessions. They accompany me into the world when I travel, for emotional support, immune support, and when I attend self awareness workshops.

I also attended women’s sacred circles in those early years, as part of my healing journey out of an early life of trauma and addiction. Those incredibly beautiful and intimate circles set me on a path I still follow, and offered me the eventual opportunity to lead courageous groups of women looking to wake up to their own light. Using essential oils as healing tools was a natural fit.

Recently, I delved deeply into the study of chakras, in a workshop series entitled, Chakras: A Guide to Self Love, co-created by myself and my beloved soul sister, Alice Hong. Over the past few years, over 100 women sat in our circles, held in a safe container of love for deep personal inquiry, to connect with and dissolve blocks in our chakras, and move into freer, more joyful lives.

Because essential oils are so effective in supporting the work we do with chakras, it only made sense to create an essential oil blend, or synergy, for each chakra. It was pure joy to birth those little babies: four ml amber vials with unique synergies, destined for the hands of the women in our groups. Those first bottles had plain little labels from Staples. As the groups grew, so did demand for the chakra synergies and the need for “real” labels. Awaken Aromatics as a brand was born, along with “generation two” of packaging.

I began to receive requests for chakra mists that could be used on the face and body, and in spaces that surround us. The past year has seen the creation of those sprays, a complete rebranding, and the development of retail display systems and materials. Generation three has arrived! And it’s ready to meet the world!

I want to thank my beloved partner, David Holloway, for all he has done to support, inspire, and challenge me. And for putting in countless hours to build our new online store. He steps in where my technical limitations keep me from taking this line into the global marketplace. (And he builds the retail racks. :)

I also want to thank all the wonderful people along the way that have supported me to be the best version of myself, and so enthusiastically encouraged me to make this dream of Awaken Aromatics a reality.

I hope when you try it, you’ll love it!

With deep gratitude for the beautiful gifts of the plants, and the gift of connecting with you,